Garbhadhyana -The journey of soul

Let’s make the journey of being a mother special, fun, and enjoyable
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What will you learn?

We often say that pregnancy is a journey, journey of a woman to motherhood, journey from old patterns to new patterns of life, journey for a new life of baby and of mother herself. So how can you make this journey special?‍

Being a yoga teacher &  a prenatal postnatal specialized yoga coach, I helped many ‘to be mom’, into their journey of pregnancy through yoga and meditation. So what is there in my teaching that helps mothers to make it super easy for them? Answer is – The tricks of meditation in pregnancy. In every trimester I applied different ways of meditation for my pregnant clients. That allows them to connect with the new soul of their unborn babies, mothers feel more aware about their bodies and their soul, they provide healing to their unborn babies by themselves during meditation and also these practices prepare a woman for upcoming labor pain and everything becomes so easy due to these simple awareness tricks and methods.‍

‍Not only this, it has been researched and proved in many researches, that the breathing, healing and awareness practices, supply more oxygen and nutrition to the baby. That helps the fetus in its growth and keeps it healthy inside the mother’s womb. And for mother, meditation practices help to reduce her anxiety, stress, fatigue, depression and let her feel free & amazed into a different level of consciousness. So yeah, it helps in both ways physically and mentally.‍‍

Here, I am here providing all these tricks and methods of meditation for pregnancy into this course “Gharbhadhyana- the journey of soul”. Try this course for yourself or for somebody you feel might need it

What will you get?

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