2 Days Labor Workshop by Pinaki Yoga

August 5, 2023
What is it about?

Pinaki Childbirth Education & Ayurvedic Care Workshop For Couples to be in Labor & Childbirth The purpose of this workshop is to educate pregnant couples regarding natural labor & healthy childbirth. We promote Lamaze healthy birth practices for natural labor & childbirth. We provide different fun activities to understand different scenarios in labor & birthing care practices according to Ayurveda & WHO. Every information we going to provide is evidence based & recommended by WHO & International Gynecology organisation. This workshop includes information about every aspect of labor for the purpose of better decision making during childbirth. Dates: Saturday, Sunday, 5th & 6th August, 8:00 AM

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Labor Workout, 5th August, 8:00 am, Fee Rs 500 /-

“To help in normal delivery & to proceed labor faster”

‍ Early Labor Workout
Active Labor Workout
Birthing ball workout during labor
Workout with partner during labor
Labor Meditation

Labor & Childbirth Workshop, 6th August, 8:00 am, Fee Rs 999 /-

“For better decision making during labor” ‍

‍ Natural way of childbirth
Stages & Hormones of labor
Birth Preparation
Pain management during labor
VBAC & Eligibility
Role of partner & family
Breathing during labor
Pushing technique
Activity: Plan your labor

Program Designed & Prepared by –

Vijeta Tomar

Prenatal Specialised Yoga Coach

Ayurvedic Pregnancy & Baby Care Certified

Lamaze Childbirth Education Seminar Certified

Pranic Healer Level III

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