Garbh Abhyas Workshop

Have a Healthy Pregnancy and painless childbirth through Pinkai Yoga’s “Pregnancy yoga session” and welcome a healthy and intelligent baby into this world.

10 March 2024

10:00 AM – 11:30 AM


What awaits you in this Yoga Session

Garbh Upanishad
  • Understand Prakruti’s role in shaping the human body.
  • Factors influencing the foetus’s body and mind.
  • Unveil the new soul’s journey and purpose.
Garbh Yog
  • Experience soul union with supreme consciousness.
  • Physical and Mental factors in labor process.
  • Parental impact on foetus growth.
Garbh Dhyaan
  • Nurture the womb with healing.
  • Cleanse past sanskaras and karmas.
  • Prepare for transformative parenthood.

If you are facing these issues, This session is for you

Stress less.

Get in-the-moment relief for stress and anxiety so you can get back to living.

Sleep more.

Fall asleep (and stay asleep) naturally and peacefully.

Live mindfully

Navigate life's ups and downs with resilience, confidence and guided support.

Meet your Pregnancy Yoga Expert

  • Founder of Pinaki Yoga
  • Pregnancy Yoga Expert
  • Pranic Healer Level III
  • Womb Yoga Coach
  • NSDC Certified Fitness Trainer
  • 7+ Years Experience In Women Wellness
  • Ayurvedic Pregnancy & Baby Care Certified
  • Lamaze Childbirth Education Seminar Certified
  • Certified Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher

In 2012 (at age 19) I moved from running Discovery Android to founding an award winning digital media company, CrazyHeads. Within 3 years, CrazyHead helped 100+ clients over the world grow their businesses using internet.

After working at Uber (India and Latin America) for 4.5 years, I joined Klook to lead marketing for India and the Middle East where I scaled the business to over $27M in a year.

customer reviews

I have been taking prenatal yoga classes with Vijeta since past 3 months. This is my first pregnancy. Her approach is simple, easy to understand and her guidance throughout has been very helpful. Her team also gives you regular calls to check on you and resolve any queries you might have. Recently I attended her Early labour and Active labour workshops and got to learn so much! She is a goldmine of knowledge and now I have a much more clearer idea of what to expect when the time of arrival of my baby is approaching. I am looking forward to her postnatal classes as well. 10/10 recommended to anyone who wants to conceive, and is looking for support during her prenatal and postnatal stages.
Harshita Sharma
Pinaki Yoga classes are great! If you have any hesitance about starting yoga she’s great to start with. She walks you through the whole practice and brings peace to the practice. Perfect for any level of experience. Highly recommend their classes, which has become one of the things I look forward to most every week! I have attended childbirth workshop which I found a very knowledgeable session from the trainer vijeta. She has provided details information from early labour till child birth which gave me the confidence to well prepare myself for that time. As it’s my first pregnancy this knowledge is very helpful for me.
akansha jindal
Vijeta and team are putting serious efforts for providing fitness trainings. The way of explaining the yoga postures is very comprehensive and easy to follow. Good part is, she observes each and every attendee and makes sure all are doing correct postures. She is approachable and always available to resolve the queries.
Hi, I've been taking prenatal yoga classes from Pinaki Yoga. Apart from the physical aspect of exercise they educate us about the entire proces of labor, role of partner, role of the mother her diet and exercise etc overall a wholesome practice for the entire pregnancy. My first birthing experience I now believe was very less informed inspite of reading from multiple sources. Vijeta and Shashank are helpful and prompt with queries. Labor workshops taken by Vijeta are detailed and interactive. Thanks for the sessions.
Parul Bohara
I am attending the prenatal yoga sessions led by Vijetha mam. The experience has been very therapeutic. She takes us through a variety of asanas , no repetition. Her instructions are clear and the session timings are well adhered to without any glitches. The early labor session was very informative and she's extremely knowledgeable which clearly helped me build trust and follow her sessions regularly. Highly recommend to anyone looking for prenatal yoga.
Vysali Gowrishankar
Have been a regular participant of Pinaki Yoga sessions since more than 2 months now, I find her classes very beneficial and helpful. Sessions are never dull, they are engaging and challenging making the experience fruitful and worthy. Attended Labour and Chidlbirth workshop which was very informative and knowledgable to prepare you mentally and physically for the final day. 👍🏻
Neha Bisht
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