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Life is overwhelming but you can have a track of your life back with the power of Yoga and Meditation. Take control of your health, wellness, and overall happiness


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In order to pay detailed attention to each yogi we have limited out batch size to 35 only. This way we're there for all of you!

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Our Yoga Instructors are extremely qualified and hold years of experience in staying on the ground with yogis like you. See out team!

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Yoga is not just a meditative or a fitness workout program. Its a lifestyle. You can reverse any kind of lifestyle disorder with yoga.

About Us

PINAKI is another name for Lord Shiva or we call him Adiyogi in Yoga.

As the first Yogi of the world, he deliver all his knowledge to seven sages and ask them to metastasize this to the world. Now, we all have Adiyogi inside us.

Let’s practice Yoga together & Awaken the Adiyogi inside all of us. Let’s restore our life and balance our body and mind. Browse below to learn more about Yoga Practice.

Customer Stories

More than 30,000 customers trust Us to manage their chronic and health conditions

Dear Vijeta ma’am. Thank you so so much for guiding us yoga and teaching so well. I really appreciate the way you teach. I have several health issues but I am so positive that if I continue doing yoga with you for years I know the very first year all my issues like hormonal imbalance , my stiffness of shoulders , my lower back pain issue and many more will be resolved. Thank u so much from the bottom of my heart and keep spreading your positive vibes throughout .

Nilima & Amman Lodha

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Garbhadhan - Preconception & Fertility

Garbhadhan is a yoga program for those who are planning to conceive a baby or if facing any difficulties in conception. It’s a 3 Months program for both partners

Mann-Manobhav : Natural Treatment for all type of Disorders

This program is a combination of Ayurvedic & Yoga therapy that includes natural processes to treat any disease or disorder.

Yoga Asanas - Skill Improvement & Transformation Program

This is a yoga program for those who want to take their journey of yoga asanas from beginner level to advanced level.

Garbhayog- Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not only a journey of 9 months in creating a life but also the journey of woman from past life to a new life changes. This program is for the wellbeing of the mothers post delivery.


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