Fertility Goddesses & Their Role in Pregnancy and Preconception

Vijeta Tomar

Chief Yoga Instructor, Pinaki Yoga

The Mother aspect of the Goddess embodies bounty, fertility, and nurturing, symbolizing the essence of life-giving energy. Associated with the earth, the full moon, and the sea, she represents the universal mother, the source of all life and comfort. Her essence encompasses ripe sexuality, fertility, and the sacredness of the body and the land. The Mother teaches us the importance of caring for ourselves and others, nurturing and nourishing all beings.However, the role of the Mother is multifaceted. While she embodies love and nurture, she also understands the necessity of allowing growth through challenges and mistakes. Motherhood extends beyond human children to encompass all living beings, demonstrating our interconnectedness with nature.Manifesting within each individual differently, the Mother aspect encompasses the roles of Creator, Warrior, and Queen. She is the embodiment of creation, the defender against threats, and the ruler over humanity and all living things.

Her fruitfulness and fertility make her a powerful source of energy for any creative endeavor. Every woman shares a sacred bond with the Mother Goddess, an intrinsic connection that ignites the power of fertility and creation within us. This divine essence becomes even more profound during pregnancy, as we tap into the nurturing embrace of the goddess, safeguarding and nurturing the precious life growing within. Whether embarking on the journey of motherhood or facing challenges along the way, invoking the presence of a Fertility Goddess becomes pivotal, stirring the life-giving energies of the divine feminine within.

Embracing the Goddess Throughout Pregnancy & Preconception

Connecting with a fertility goddess associated with pregnancy or childbirth is like a special ceremony that changes us. It fills us with the important life force needed to create and nurture new life. This connection also uses special healing energy to clear any blockages in our energy centers and make us feel more positive. For women who had trouble getting pregnant before, this can even lead to unexpected pregnancies. For pregnant women, this connection brings lots of energy and makes them feel more confident during childbirth. Some even say they had a calm and easy labor, resulting in quick and healthy births.

Start connecting with a goddess associated with pregnancy early on and keep working with her throughout your pregnancy. This helps you get used to her and her energy. When it’s time for labor and giving birth, you’ll feel more comfortable working with her, especially during the stressful moments.

Choosing the right goddess for your pregnancy isn’t just about randomly picking one. It’s like finding a roommate you get along with – you need to match personalities and be willing to cooperate. Consider your cultural background or your ancestors’ cultures to find a goddess whose energy resonates with you. Working with deity energy can deeply affect you, so it’s important to choose wisely

Here are some suggestions to help you meditate on a specific mother goddess:

  • Meditate on a symbol associated with her: for example, mantra or a sign
  • Meditate on a visual depiction of the mother goddess: a portrait, an ancient cultural statue, or a statue or picture form.
  • Imagine meeting the goddess in a place where you feel safe. For example a temple or a landscape. Speak with the goddess about how you feel, and ask her to help you, and to provide healing to your womb. Take blessings from her for a healthy pregnancy & childbirth and ask if she has any advice for you.
  • Paint or draw a picture while thinking about the goddess (optional)

The Mother Godesses for Fertility in Hinduism

  1. Parvati: Parvati is the Hindu goddess of sacral chakra, fertility, love and devotion as well as of divine strength and power. She is the gentle and nurturing aspect of the Hindu goddess Shakti. She is the mother of Ganesha & Kartikay. She gave life to her son Ganesha from herbs waxes & while meditating on her energies to unite with energies of shiva and lord of war – kartikay born. She also unite with lord shiva after so much tap & Sadhna hence she is also the symbol of love & marriage. Meditating with Goddess Parvati awaken the energy of fertility, love & creation within. It brings intimacy between couples and promotes natural conceiving & a healthy pregnancy & childbirth. 
Mantra: Also called as the Swayamvara parvati Mantra, the following mantra can ensure harmony at home, intimacy between the couple, solve all matrimony related problems, overcome infertility and also prevent abortion. This is considered the ultimate mantra related to successful child birth.
Om Hreem Yoginim Yogini Yogeswari Yoga Bhayankari Sakala Sthavara
Jangamasya Mukha Hridayam Mama Vasam akarsha Akarshaya Namaha

2. Bhudevi or Prithvi : Prithvi represented the female principle of fertility. she is the symbol of agriculture, life force, wealth & prosperity and situated at root chakra. According to Vedic culture, She symbolises as cow. In ancient times, the reverence for a Mother Goddess primarily centered around the fertility of the land and the natural cycle of plant life, independent of specific religious beliefs. This involved the symbolic embodiment of the earth’s abundance and vitality as a goddess figure, a practice that spanned across various ancient cultures.

Mantra: The Prithvi Gayatri Mantra is one of the core Gayatri mantras of peace and harmony. It is used to balance the element of Prithvi or Earth in our body as well as in the Universe around us. It removes any obstacle in getting pregnant & promotes a healthy creations of life hence it’s important one for those who are facing difficulties in getting pregnant. It works on root chakra hence bring safety, security, and groundedness. Remove any upcoming challenge in your pregnancy, reduce pregnancy discomforts and provide protection and security to the body & soul of your unborn baby.

Aum Prithvi Devaaya Vidmahe
Sahasra Murthaye Cha Dheemahe
Thanno Prithvi Prachodayat

3. Shashti Devi : Shashthi is a Hindu goddess who looks after plants, helps with having babies, and keeps infants safe. She’s highly respected in eastern India, especially in places like Bengal and Odisha. Her name, Shashthi, means “the sixth,” coming from the sixth day after a baby is born, which is when the danger for the mother and baby is highest. People offer prayers to Shashthi on that day and on the sixth day of the lunar month to protect infants. In Bengal, there are special stories and poems called Shashthi-mangal that celebrate her adventures and greatness. 

Mantra: Thus praising the Devî, the bhakt bless with a baby. If any person that has no baby, hears this Sasthî Devî Stotra for one year with undivided attention, he/she gets an enlightened baby, having a long life. Meditating with the mother is important for those who face infertility or frequent miscarriages. Chanting Devi mantra also prevent baby from abortion and bless your unborn baby with a healthy physical & mental health.

Om Hrîm Sasthî Devyai Svaha

4. Kaali: She is a goddess of fertility, time, and protection, often prayed to during disasters and outbreaks of disease. Representing nature’s cycles, she symbolizes productivity and the continuous cycle of creation. As the destroyer, Kali eliminates obstacles to human purity and peace, such as evil, ignorance, and selfishness. Her name, Kali, comes from the Sanskrit word for “time,” reflecting her influence over human existence from birth to death. Kali is the goddess for creation & protection of life, hence she is the goddess to prevent miscarriage, protect pregnancy, protect mother from evil eyes or negativity & release past karmas effect of new soul of baby as she is the goddess of time or kaal.

Mantra: It blesses a pregnant woman from evil eyes. It protects baby inside womb and after being born mother kaali always be the protector of your baby & bless the baby with health & prosperity in upcoming life. This mantra release the negative effect of past karmas of the new soul in upcoming life of your baby

Jayanti Mangla kali
Bhadrakali kapalini 
Durga Shama Shivdhatri
Swah Swadha Namostute

5. Kamakhya Devi : Kamakhya Shaktipeeth in Assam is said to have the power to boost fertility: The Shaktipeeth is an important pilgrimage centre for Hindus of the Shakta cult (ardent devotees of the feminine deity). Interestingly, this temple is said to be the spot where Goddess Sati’s womb and vagina fell after being dismembered by Lord Vishnu’s Sudarshana Chakra. Therefore, maa kamkhya is known for its power to boost fertility. Kamakhya Maa is not only wise, valiant and the source of creation, she is also very much in touch with her sexuality, fertility and related bodily functions. Small wonder that childless couples with the deepest desire for a baby visit this temple or worship the Mother Goddess, fulfill their wishes of becoming parent through blessings of maa kamkhya.

Mantra: Kamkhya mantra boost fertility, resolve relationship issues & increase intimacy between couples. It helps in getting pregnant through natural ways & prevent early miscarriages.

Kleem Kleem Kaamaakhyaa Kleem Kleem namah

Harmonise with Mother Goddess

  • Create sacred space according to your customary practice. You can do it in your pregnancy shrine or at your home temple. Start with few deep breaths while visualizing the mother image in your mind.
  • Invoke the goddess while light the lamp or candle


Hear your daughter as she calls to you.

Descend to me, here in this sacred circle.

Share with me your love, your wisdom, and your strength.

Welcome, Mother, to my circle.

So may it be.

  • Keep a ‘jal patra’ (cup of water) and energize it with the prayer,

Mother Goddess, I honor you.

You bring life to the world.

Your milk nourishes us.

Walk with me throughout this pregnancy

Grant me insight, patience, and serenity.

Yours is the life of the mother, as is the life of the child.

I open myself to your love and knowledge.

I welcome your presence.

Teach me; support me; love me.

Mother Goddess, I offer you the contents of this cup

In thanks for your everlasting care.

  • Draw down the moon’s energy into the cup of water, until the water vibrates with the energy of the Mother Goddess, simply envision the energy of the moon pouring down into the cup for sometime. Visualize that energy being the nurturing energy of the Mother.
  • Take a sip of the water you are offering to the Mother with awareness. As you swallow, visualize the energy contained within it spreading throughout your body, including to your child.
  • Now pick up the flower you want to offer to mother goddess, and energize it with the prayer,

Mother, I offer you this flower

As a token of my love for you

And in appreciation for your beauty and grace.

Grant me the ability to see that beauty and grace in myself

As my body changes and my child grows within me.

Mother, bless be.

  • Now dip the flower into water or sprinkle the water over flower with your fingers and keep it down with water as you are offering it to mother goddess.
  • Thank the goddess for her presence for this ritual, 

Mother, thank you for being with me here in my circle

And for sharing this time with me.

I know you will walk with me throughout my pregnancy

And be there when I need your support and wisdom.

Blessed Mother, hail and farewell.

  • Create a energy circle through meditation. Wherever you are sitting with closed eyes, visualise the circle of white light around you, you are sitting at the center of the energy circle. This is the circle of cosmic energy where you are sitting with mother goddess and your unborn baby. (Those who are not pregnant can still visualise & feel the baby’s energy within). Grab the energy through your skin and your breath. Throughout practice breath deeply though nostrils. Keep your intention to receiving the energy as long as you are inside this circle. You may feel little hot or cold through your skin when you receive the energy from energy circle.
  • Meditate on mother goddess. Visualise the image and keep focus on her for as long as possible. Envision as if you are surrendering yourself to the mother like a child. Ask mother for the protection of your pregnant body and your unborn baby or any other wish you want to fulfill. Visualise the mother is blessing you with the smile on her face and your complete body and aura is getting strengthen and you are feeling more safe, secure and confident. 
  • This is your personal time with your chosen fertility goddess. Spend it as long as you want and imagine however you want to spend it with your mother. 
  • This activity bring a strong connection with your fertility goddess and you may feel more strong,  confident and courageous after this activity.
  • End the practice whenever you want while feeling respect & gratitude towards your goddess.
  • You may throw the flower and water into moving water nearby your area, like a river or lake. Or you can throw the water in a plant and keep the flower in your pregnancy shrine once it’s dry.

Take Away

Pregnancy is like a special time when you’re changing into a new role. It’s important to have things that help you feel connected spiritually during this journey. Giving birth is a way to feel a strong connection with all the women who came before you, including a special connection with the main female ancestor, the Goddess. It’s like being extra close to the Goddess when you’re pregnant. You also become more aware of the life force flowing in and around you. Based on your culture, find out the deep connection with one of the fertility goddess. Enjoy this time, connect with your divine mother, and explore new dimensions of spirituality within.

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