How these 5 lifestyle changes can prevent Obesity

Vijeta Tomar

Chief Yoga Instructor, Pinaki Yoga

Today, obesity is one of the serious issues associated with our health. Now, let’s understand it. What would construe the term obesity? — Overweight? Fat? or Overeating? If we break the term into 2 — ‘ob’ which means completely & ‘esus’ means eat . So, if we join them together it would mean ‘having eaten until fat’. Seemingly, obesity-related to all — overweight, fat and overeating.

Technically, obesity is a medical condition when a body fat extent to a certain level where it may harm health. Also, you can say when calorie intake is much more higher than calories you burn per day, it causes obesity.

How to check obesity symptoms?

Obesity measurement can be done through BMI (Body Mass Index). BMI can be calculated by the measurement of your total body fat. BMI range between 18.5 to 24.9 considered as Accurate, whereas above 25 kg/m² it will be Overweight and above 30 kg/m² comes under Obese.

According to research, the US, China, and India come under the top 10 obese countries in the world. US topped the list with 13 percent of the obese people worldwide in 2013 while China and India together accounted for 15 percent of the total world’s population.

What are the harmful effects of Obesity on the body?

Obesity in children is also very common nowadays. The majority of obese infants and young children in developing countries is 30% higher than in developed countries. India has the second-highest number of obese children after China. Obese infants and young children will continue to be obese during childhood and adulthood.

Not only one factor is responsible for this medical condition. Obesity is a disorder with multiple causes. It can be — overeating, less physical activities, sedentary lifestyle, environmental cause or junk food. Childhood obesity can also cause due to diet imbalance, lifestyle or heredity.

Obesity leads to many gravest diseases. Like,

Heart diseases and stroke





Breathing Problems

The risk of these problems rises on the bases of family history and which part of the body is overweight. If you have most of the fat around your stomach (upper and lower) like apple shape, risk of cardiovascular or heart diseases will be higher. If you have fat around your hips and thighs like pear shape, then it might create problems with knees or may cause osteoarthritis.

Fat around organs and deep abdomen that is called visceral fat is more hazardous than subcutaneous fat (under the skin). There might be various harmful conditions causes due to visceral fat. It can damage the organ, it can be responsible for type II diabetes and also breast cancer. Fat due to obesity can also be the major cause of Gallbladder diseases.

Obesity disorder can be self-treatable. It can be cured by having a mild attention on your lifestyle and nutrition.

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5 tips to prevent obesity

Few things that can be substantial to follow in your routine

Physical Activity: Any gym, yoga or any aerobic activity is required once in a day, to make your heart working and for proper blood flow through your body. Even a 30 mints brisk walk can also be considered to get rid of visceral fat. Make a workout plan, join a gym or yoga class, can start at home also. Prepare a plan for all body parts, upper & lower and follow it daily. All these activities not only go through your cardio system but also increase your muscle strength and endurance. It will keep you away from depressions and makes you feel energetic.

Diet: Avoid packaged and junk food. Eat as raw as you can, fruits and vegetables. Have required calorie intake in the form of healthy food only. Reduce calorie intake daily. No need for any severe diet or fasting your body. A sustainable healthy diet can also work. Read food labels and ingredients while purchasing groceries. Reduce salt and sugar from your diet. Always mind the portion of food on your plate. Try to burn more calories through physical activities.

No Alcohol: Do not consume alcohol daily. Every type of alcohol has a large amount of empty calories that will be a resurgence to your body’s fat. A peg of 30 ml whiskey contains 111 calories and a 650 ml beer bottle contains 208 calories and if you consume many drinks at one sitting you can end up with a severe calorie overload. Alcohol gives you a beer belly which will have more fat storage at your belly than any other body part.

Water Intake: Consume 8–11 glass of water per day. Water has 0 calories and can be used as the first source of hydration. Dehydration may lead to overeating which can cause obesity or overweight. Physical activity with water intake also helps to increase fat oxidation. Water during and before a workout gives you the energy to perform better. Studies showed that school children who are drinking water would stabilize their weight.

Our environment is already rife with many problems of pollution, population, poverty, and many hazardous diseases. Obesity also associated with many health issues. It is the root cause of many dangerous diseases. But a scheduled day or a healthy pattern of living may help us to curb such medical disorders.

Stay Healthy 🙂

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