Garbhayog- Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not only a journey of 9 months in creating a life but also the journey of woman from current life to a new life changes. This program is for the wellbeing of ‘to-be-mom’ throughout their journey and a healthy delivery.

What is in for you?

Pregnancy is not only a journey of 9 months in creating a life but also the journey of woman from past life to a new life changes.

As per changes in the environment & surroundings many moms are facing a lot of new problems & difficulties during this journey of pregnancy, that leads to abnormal deliveries & sometimes weak or abnormal babies.‍

Yoga helps mothers in maintaining their physical & mental health during pregnancy that strengthens their body, provides good mental health & prepares them for labour.

Yoga & Meditation provide healing to the new soul as well as mother too, also recover & regain muscle strength post delivery.

This class program is a combination of prenatal series of asanas followed by multiple breathing and Meditation practice.

Our Service for Prenatal Yoga includes –

Pregnancy specific Yoga Postures & Workout

Second & Third Trimester Specific Postures & Stretches

Pranic Shakti Yoga Flow to strengthen Pregnancy Chakras

Hridya Yoni Namaskar – Flow of love from heart to womb

Tattwashuddhi – Gesture to 5 elements

Postures & Activities for Chakras Strengthening‍


Pregnancy Specific Breathing & Meditation Practices

Earth Meditation

Labor Meditation

Mantras Meditation

Yoga Nidra

Womb Healing & Cleaning Meditation

Trataka Meditation



Techniques for Natural & Painfree Birth

Ayurvedic Tips & Tricks for labor


Labor Yoga & Breathing

Womb Yoga Practices‍


Add-Ons (Once Per Month)


Labor workout (Early & Active Phase)

Labor Nutrition & Postnatal Tips

Ayurvedic Baby Care & New mom Tips

3 Months

INR 8200 /-

INR 6000/-

2 Months

INR 6200/-

INR 4500/-

1 Months

INR 3800/-

INR 2500/-




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