My Weight Loss Journey Part I – Do’s and Don’ts

Vijeta Tomar

Chief Yoga Instructor, Pinaki Yoga

Obesity is now a problem for every other person in today’s date. Even though, if we are not obese, still being overweight is something that we are not happy about. If we are overweight and obese we always count as the odd one out in our group of friends and families. Listening to a lot of nasty comments on a daily basis, no outfit fit to me for the party, how would I hide my love handles and what to do with my arms fat, I should not wear cut sleeves and many more thoughts, comments and advice to ourselves, just because we are not in shape.Trust me I have had gone through each and every emotion that you are feeling right now. I am going to share my weight loss journey, that may be helpful to many of you who are still struggling with their nutrition, workout and diet program. You may find us similar in a lot of mistakes and efforts. This article may help you, find your reasons for not cutting down the fat percentage even though you are doing everything right. 4 years back, I used to be a chubby girl, weight 67, height 5’4”, 25 years old, with a fat percentage of about 28 percent. My eating habits were not pleasant. I used to consume a lot of spicy, oily and street food. As I am a street food lover, all junk was there in my day to day snacks list. There used to be hardly any physical activity involved in my routine. My job was a sitting job in front of the computer screen daily for 9 to 10 hours. There was no strength in my muscles and bones. Lifting weight was something alien to me, I was not even able to climb stairs till the third floor for my office room.

My Picture with weight almost 67 KG | click to see my transformation images

As soon as I realized my body fat and zero strength of my muscles, the first thing I did was, added a 30 minutes walk daily in the evening. As my weight was not huge according to my height, still I counted as overweight but not obese because of my fat percentage.I thought adding a 30 minutes physical activity will be enough for me. I tried that for several months and I reduce 2 Kgs. After that decrements into my weight, 30 minutes walk has stopped working. I still keep that walk of 30 minutes till many months but nothing changed. A few months later I joined a gym. I was not consistent with my Gym activity. Once I finished my membership, I took a break from Gym and whatever I have reduced, I regained that. I became consistent with Gym once for 6 months and I reduced, but again when I left my gym, I got that all fat back into my body, even if I was following a very normal diet.I used to have a lot of cheat days in my Diet plan. Sometimes I go out for a party and consume many extra calories, sometimes I crave for some oily, spicy food and I again feel helpless and have everything at a time.I tried everything in 3 years and I face these fluctuations into my body weight every time. I tried from normal Indian diet to a GM diet, I used to lift heavy weights in my Gym, more than my strengths. I used to do cardio 30 minutes daily and sweat like hell every day. Still, I was on that same old weight, after quitting my Gym for only for a few weeks.

There is a time in our weight loss journey, when we are confuse about what to eat and what not

I know, many of you can relate some parts of my journey to your efforts. These are the common situations we face when we are spending days with our weight loss program. We don’t understand where we are doing wrong, finally got disappointed and leave hope for that day of victory. Now, I am a fitness trainer & owner of a yoga center. I am 50 Kg with 18 percent fat in my body. Now I do have cheat days but still, my weight is 50 Kg. I do eat outside once in a while. Now I can give a break to my body for a few weeks and resume with the same fat percentage again. I meet a lot of clients daily who ask me about such issues. They are confused with their nutrition program, their workout program and finally no idea about why it is not working. Stay tuned with me, will explain all solutions for your mistakes and queries step by step in the second part of the article My Weight Loss Journey Part II – 6 things to remember 🙂

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