Why Workout and Diet according to your Period’s Cycle is Important? — Part II

Vijeta Tomar

Chief Yoga Instructor, Pinaki Yoga

As we have already learned about the hormonal changes during our complete cycle. How we can take advantage of these changes and set our workout routine accordingly. If you missed, please do checkout Why Workout and Diet according to your Period’s Cycle is Important? — Part 1

Now, as you know we face a lot of anxiety, restlessness, cramps, stress and also a lot of food cravings during periods. Which is absolutely normal. For all these issues you can actually go for your workout routine whichever you like to do. Yoga, Pilates, Intense Weight Training, Functional or even 30 minutes Brisk walk will also make you feel comfortable. But what to do with the cravings? Before talking about cravings lets checkout some human body facts.

The human body consists of Serotonin. It is an important chemical and neurotransmitter in the human body. It contributes to well being and happiness. It plays an important role in appetite, emotions and mood balance. Low serotonin level leads to depression. However, serotonin is one of the main reasons for our food cravings and mood swings.

Cravings for Sugar and High Carbs like pasta, bread, and sweets during and before period, leads to low serotonin level and low sugar level. That simply means your body using a high amount of carbohydrates as an energy source. So, for your carbs craving during your periods, instead of unhealthy carbs go for some complex carbs like whole wheat, oats, barley, beans, vegetables, fruits, brown rice. Try to consume the original form of everything, like instead of white rice have brown rice. Instead of coconut oil consume coconut slices or coconut water. Consume as much fiber as you can. And for your sugar cravings go for some natural sugars with complex carbs like fruits, juices, milk, honey, etc. This will fulfill your craving completely also helps you in balance your blood sugar level :)How many of you crave for Chocolate during these days? Almost all of us. No worries. It’s natural. We crave for chocolates because during periods our body becomes deficient for magnesium and iron. Iron is the most important mineral for our body. It helps to provide oxygen to muscles and assist in the creation of certain hormones. Every month we lose a certain amount of iron from our body due to our periods. It’s better to take care of this mineral in your body with folic acid supplements or should consume iron-rich food. Chocolate is rich in magnesium and iron. So if you crave for chocolates, it’s okay. Have some dark chocolates over milk chocolates. Even little will also work to fulfill your craving. Also, consume food rich in magnesium and iron-like dark green leafy vegetables, fish, brown rice, red meat, etc.


Craving for Ice-Creams leads to calcium deficiency. Which is most common in all of us. Calcium is necessary for the proper structure and functioning of bones. Assist in muscle functions and blood vessel contraction. 80% of women suffer from knee problems, arthritis, and weak bones after menopause. Being calcium deficient is one of the main reasons behind all these issues. Again we need to take care of this mineral all-time through supplements or consume calcium-rich diet. A low level of calcium before and during periods results in craving for ice creams, cakes, and other milk products. Balanced calcium level reduces bloating, mood swings, cramps & irregular periods. Consume calcium-rich food during these special days. Like, Cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream, green leafy vegetables, seafood, soy milk, almond milk, tofu, etc. Consume good food always. Rather than processed go for wholesome food. Replace your junk to your natural sources of food. Try to avoid packaged food as it contains a lot of preservatives which is again not good in any way. Consume fresh homemade food. Keep the portion in check. During your cravings, even little will also satisfy. Workout increases the ‘feel-good’ hormone in our body and helps us in our cravings. Take sunbath daily in the evening or early morning it will prevent you from ‘seasonal affective disorder’. Concentrate on your losses during your periods and plan your workout and diet according to your body changes 🙂

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